05 novembre 2007

Call me Morticia

OK, I may not be as translucent as Mrs Adams. But the truth is that I look like a vampire sometimes, especially compared to my friends (too bad that I can't post a pic of them here).

My case is really bad : I start to panic when I don't find my sunglasses (the one that makes me look like a fly) and I won't go out in the sun without sunscreen (SPF 30 is a minimum). And I'm not blonde ; neither have I blue eyes.
Actually, I should be used to the sun, since I've spent my first 25 years in one of the most sunny places of my country. But my skin is very stubborn and tends to turn a bright shade of lobster-red each time I try to forget sunscreen... Not to mention the fact that my eyes won't open if they're not protected...

I'm very aware that I'm a total alien in times when most women want to look tan. Some of them actually pay for it ! And to much my chagrin, they could be right (not about paying to look like an tangerine, of course).
But I've discovered lately that I really should get more sun, since my vitamin D level is very low :-(

My doc was really shocked - since I'm not a diet or anything - because that kind of results are common among post-menopaused women !! Yikes !

So, let's sum up : I look undead, I hate the sun, I need medication not to loose my bones. But the positive thing is that I couldn't get worse.

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