27 septembre 2006

October 14th

The extravagant gathering where you may collect a genuine 'Petit Paumé - édition 2007' will take place Place Bellecour at 2:00 PM, as per usual. For furthermore details, please check the official website.
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25 septembre 2006

A merry happy unbirthday to me

sounds worse in Japanese ...
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18 septembre 2006

Birthday wihslist

Although I do not believe in Santa Claus anymore (did I ever believe ?) I like to think that someone who may read my blog could be wondering what could be a nice gift for  my upcoming bithday.I shall mention that my actual age won't be revealed here (unless you don't care for your own life). First I need some perfume, like the Dolce & Gabbana 'Rosso'Then I would really llike to have a fireplace. Since this is out of question in my rented flat, this one could be a good choiceBut if any of the above mentionned articles are... [Lire la suite]
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17 septembre 2006

Week-end chargé

Pas de photos pour cause de flemme intensive. Et en français pour la même raison ... Tout çà pour dire que ces 2 petites journées ont été trop courtes pour tout faire. Samedi : debouts aux aurores pour le bilan de prise en charge REPOP de Petit Homme. Au passage, un grand à lui qui a réussi à perdre 500 g et prendre 1 cm en un mois!! Ensuite, direction Part-Dieu pour un achat de veste d'automne chez Decath'. Verdict : taille 38 au rayon hommes ! A ma bonne dame, les enfants ne sont plus ce qu'ils étaient...Un petit détour par la... [Lire la suite]
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14 septembre 2006

YouTube is my new best friend

Don't ask me why I didn't turn the TV off when the MTV Music Awards started (nor why I was watching MTV without my son).Anyway, I just happened to see one of the greatest performance I've ever seen. Althouh i've never heard of the band Ok Go, they're just plain fun and impressive performers. Juge by yourself (yes, they made a choregraphy with treadmill) : OK Go - "Here It Goes Again" Buy OK Go - Oh No at iTunes.
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10 septembre 2006

Dimanche 10 septembre

Vous pouvez : - tenter la Braderie de la Croix-Rousse si vous ne craignez pas la foule (çà va être blindé !)- aller voir les Tupiniers à Saint Jean- (re)voir gratuitement Les Demoiselles de Rochefort à 21 heures place des Terreaux
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05 septembre 2006

Welcome to

Islamic Republic of IranSpainAlgeriaGreece(sorry but France and USA are not a surprise)
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04 septembre 2006

Back to school

Collégien version 2006 (année-modèle 1995, d'origine) : Tout çà pour dire que voilà, mon bébé est vraiment grand : il est entré en sixième ce matin...
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04 septembre 2006

Better late than never

Back in August, I left my son at my parents' home for until the school would start.I made my 500 km trip and came back home with littles gift choosen by my dad and mom, i.e. - a big basket bought at the Vallabrègues fair,- organic figs from their garden,- wild lavender (grows in the garrigue)- Alep soaps (OK, they come from Syria) Since I couldn't eat all those figs without getting sick, the not-so-desperate housewife in me whipped up some jam These are vintage jars bought in a thrift store and I made the little caps... [Lire la suite]
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31 août 2006


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