20 avril 2004

Freudian analysis anyone ?

I think that I had the scariest nightmare ever since I was little. I dreamt of The Rock. Nothing weird, since I read an article the day before. And nothing scary to, because I find him cute. The weird parts is coming. He was famous and rich ... for his flower shops ! He owned like an empire of flower shops and I was working for him, in his biggest shop. Since I was brooke, I was allowed to stay in a sort of attic in his huge house. My place in this attic was small but nice. But there also was a part of the attic which was closed... [Lire la suite]
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20 avril 2004

Parents remote control

Look ! My son go this with his "J'aime Lire" issue of the month :
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17 avril 2004


Puisque l'Homme a fait la récente acquisition d'un appareil numérique, je peux m'amuser avec. Voici donc un superbe wallpaper issu du jardin de mes beaux-parents. version 800 x 600version 1200 x 768
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16 avril 2004

Yarn !

Look what I bought only 18 bucks ! It was on sale @ my local Anny Blatt store I still don't know what I'm gonna do with it, since I don't have time enough for all the knitting projects I've bouhgt yarns for...
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13 avril 2004

Skirts !

Yep ! It's in English today.Maybe tomorrow will be in French or Italian : depends on the mood. So, it's all about my hobbies.Here are 3 reconstructed skirts I made this week-end. Usually, I prefer to work with a pattern and fabric I buy for the project. This time, I followed my instincts (please excuse the lack of ironing : my very dear neighbour borrowed my iron) : Skirt #1 & #2 are made from 1 buck pillowcases bought in a sort of Salvation Army store (Notre Dame des Sans-Abris).For #3, I convinced my dad to save... [Lire la suite]
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