27 décembre 2005

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14 novembre 2005

OMG !!!

I stumbled upon this blog and she knits too !I wished that my blog could have such a great Emily the Strange template ....
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13 novembre 2005

Scarf-a-lot (part 2)

Last time I wrote about my pink mohair cardi ... Here it is ! Can you imagine that the only thing it needed was a ribbed neckband ? OK, I know that it needs serious blocking, plus a button, but it's way more gorgeous that you can imagine. This Phildar mohair is so soft, that I couldn't help but starting something for my mother as X-mas present.Maman, si tu lis çà, ne regarde pas les 2 photos en-dessous !In the same book, there was this great sweater : But since my Mom hates purple. So, I started it in a flashy turquoise : ... [Lire la suite]
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09 novembre 2005

Scarf-a-lot (part 1)

I've been making a lot of scarves lately. Maybe because the weather was not cold enough to have a sweater-in-progress in my lap...although I may finish my pink mohair cardi sooner than expected. But that's a whole different story. So, back to the scarves. I made one for my good friend Jay with Plassard yarn (merino mainly). And as I ended up with an extra ball, I made a matching hat too. Smile at the camera Jay !
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03 novembre 2005


Guess what ? My NSP Lisa send me a package !I got the latest issue of Interweave Knits, the latest one of Cosmopolitan, a special issue of Knitscene (which I didn't know about before, but it looks great) plus a copy of the book "At knit ends". Merci beaucoup Lisa. Je t'enverrai encore des pains au chocolat !
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17 octobre 2005

pretty little scarves

I made those a while ago, but I couldn't find the pics that I had taken. So, here they are. Two of them are made out of Phildar Phil'Fou (odd balls found in a thrift store). The third one isn't knitted : it's made out of a scarp of fabric that I bought last year. A close up : This one was a birthday gift for my mum : I've already made other scarves, but as you can see, I need to make progress with my camera ...
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29 juillet 2005


I've just received the labels I've ordered a while ago here. Look : I need to knit faster now !
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29 juillet 2005

Even Marylin used to knit !

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25 janvier 2005

..lately Well, as you've guessed, I've been busy since I didn't update. But I also had a toothache which is gonna cost me 1700 bucks. Isn't that the worst news since the beginning of the year ? Well, not really, since "the coworker from Hell" is back and will sit right next to me. Plus, I'll be stuck in a shitty job... Let's focus on what is important : knitting ! I finally took a pic of my dad's Irish Hiking Scarf knitted with Phildar Frimas (and yes, this is Hubby modeling for me) : And, as a bonus to this... [Lire la suite]
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01 janvier 2005

Bonne année à toutes ! So, I finally sorted out the Christmas pics and am very proud to present you my latest FOs. My dad's hat (please don't notice my "it's almost midnight" face). My son's hat (It needs to be blocked, but I find it already nice). I used Big Mexico, a self patterning yarn from Schoeller. My mother in law's stole (knitted with hugissime 15 mmd needles) My sister in law trendy scarf (my other sister in law, the Japanese one, got a purple one too)I also have close-up of this funny Plassard yarn... [Lire la suite]
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