29 octobre 2008

Repas équilibrés

D'après vous, qu'est ce que je mange le soir quand je suis toute seule ? Des soupes maison ? Que nenni !Ce soir mon repas, c'est çà
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29 septembre 2007

Like mother, like son

As few of you may have noticed, I turned *insert my age here* recently. My very dear co-workers bought me a nice gift-basket, and I got this :(maybe there's a hidden message ...) My son who is a huge gourmet browsed the book and found it very interesting. But still, HE had only one cookbook. That's why as we stumbled upon this,he couldn't resist but buy it  ! BTW, there's a brand new store in Lyon : "Du bruit dans la cuisine" (CC Part Dieu). It's a lot like "Alice Delice" for those who ever went there :... [Lire la suite]
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04 septembre 2006

Better late than never

Back in August, I left my son at my parents' home for until the school would start.I made my 500 km trip and came back home with littles gift choosen by my dad and mom, i.e. - a big basket bought at the Vallabrègues fair,- organic figs from their garden,- wild lavender (grows in the garrigue)- Alep soaps (OK, they come from Syria) Since I couldn't eat all those figs without getting sick, the not-so-desperate housewife in me whipped up some jam These are vintage jars bought in a thrift store and I made the little caps... [Lire la suite]
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01 mai 2006

true colors

look what I had for lunch !the pic has just been resized but not retouched and for the pleasure, a view from my balcony
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31 mars 2006

this is what happens on Mondays at work

OK, I admit it : not every Monday, but it happens often. At the top, we have the green tea muffins, then, on you right, the highly-chocolated cake and at the bottom an extraordinary gingerbread made by my co-worker Fabienne. But we're facing a problem : everybody is looking of cakes on Mondays now...
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13 novembre 2005

Busy Sunday

We had a 3-day week-end but I didn't do much because of the cold and rainy weather. I admit that I slept a lot too, way too much actually... However, I managed to hit a big Salvation army-like sale where I found a nice table (60 €) for my son who deserves a desk so he can study properly (remind me of translating this one for him...). That's certainly why, after so many sleeping hours, today, my wicked brain took over my so-called sanity and an invisible force pushed me in my kitchen.After having cooked a tartiflette for lunch, I... [Lire la suite]
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28 août 2005

jars !

J'ai récemment investi dans quelques pots à confitures et me suis lancée avec une confiture de poires (3kg pour 2 € au marché). Il est bon de savoir que la poire étant déjà un fruit bien sucré, il n'est pas nécessaire de mettre la même proportion de sucre (je me suis bien plantée, mais il parait qu'elle bonne quand même). Après, j'ai tenté les "confits". J'ai donc réussi à faire des citrons confits à partir de fruits ramenés de Sicile (non traités, car venant du jardin de la tante Guisepina) que je compte bien utiliser... [Lire la suite]
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19 juillet 2005


Remember when I wrote about finding a secondhand yogurt maker ? I made yogurts using the manufacturer's instructions and the first was good, but liquid (like 'Veloutés').The second set is still good and looks better, like actual yogurt.In other news, a week ago, I gifted myself with a tajineIt's used to cook traditional moroccan dishes, also called tajines. But you'll need way more time than when you cook with a microwave : at least 3 hours of slow cooking.You can also use it to cook the meat for couscous. Basically, it's a... [Lire la suite]
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