26 juin 2006

Just before the tragedy

I managed to sew a couple of things I had already in progress. Here you have a very nice purse made from my dad's old jeans and a Cacharel liberty shirt (for the lining) I bought in a thrift store like 15 years ago. You can find a tutorial in Marie Claire Idées March 2006.This one is my creation, made with handles bought on a "vide grenier" (garage sale) and Toile de Jouy leftovers.And know, ladies and gentlemen, for those who have ever heard of Citronille patterns (famous in the French housewives... [Lire la suite]
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01 avril 2006

Marché vintage

Cette année encore le marché gare de Perrache accueillera le marché vintage de la mode. Si vous n'avez pas peur de braver les élements (c'est ouvert à tous les vents) vous y trouverez peut être votre bonheur. A défaut, vous pourrez piquer un bon fou rire en observant certains vêtements que vous, ou vos proches, avez portés. Ou me croiser accompagnée de 4 gnomes bruyants et remuants ...cliquez sur l'image pour les détails
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16 novembre 2005

Soyez à Lyon le week-end prochain !

cliquez sur l'image pour accéder au siteIl y aura une vente de soie au mètre (avec des conseils de professionnels) et de mercerie (boutons, rubans etc ...) au Palais du Commerce.Et pour celles qui préfèrent le "prêt-à-consommer", des foulards et accessoires seront en vente au Musée des Tissus. Alors si vous avez l'occasion de passer à Lyon, profitez-en ; vous m'y croiserez peut-être :)
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17 octobre 2005

little things (encore)

I decided to destash my fabric, because I've accumulated to many things in my boxes.First, come the scraps that became little purses :    But I also keep scraps of yarn (the nice ones only). The following "boutonnières" were made following Melissa's tutorial with mohair (in pink) and agora (in blue). And just because I think I deserved it, I gifted myself with flowers... Isn't Elodie the "fleuriste" talented ? Well, if you are in Lyon, you should pay her a visit.  
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12 août 2005

Busy holidays

Yesterday, after buying several magazines (Marie-Claire Idées among them) I decided that I need a basket to store them. But those I decided that the ones in stores were too expensive. What about making one ? A couple of months ago, my friend Cathy gave me 3 Ikea fabric blinds because she couldn't bear them anymore. She could have thrown them, but she always aks me if I want something before putting things into the garbage bin because she knows that I can basically make anything from everything. One of those blinds kept its... [Lire la suite]
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28 mars 2005

...but I've been spending so much time at work and taking care of my son that I almost forgot that I had a blog to update. Even if I didn't find enough tim to knit :( a lot happened lately : I QUIT MY LIFE SUCKING JOB ! It all begun when I realized that I was working almost 45 hours a week instead of the legal 35 ones. Don't get me wrong : I'm not lazy. But my job has been really stressfull and I ended up getting home late, tired and not very patient with my son and Chéri. Speaking of my dear ADD son, he had been a bitch... [Lire la suite]
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22 avril 2004

Spring !

I made this one from a Butterick pattern and some fabric I brought on sale @ Mondial Textile.  Man : do I look dumb !?
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13 avril 2004

Skirts !

Yep ! It's in English today.Maybe tomorrow will be in French or Italian : depends on the mood. So, it's all about my hobbies.Here are 3 reconstructed skirts I made this week-end. Usually, I prefer to work with a pattern and fabric I buy for the project. This time, I followed my instincts (please excuse the lack of ironing : my very dear neighbour borrowed my iron) : Skirt #1 & #2 are made from 1 buck pillowcases bought in a sort of Salvation Army store (Notre Dame des Sans-Abris).For #3, I convinced my dad to save... [Lire la suite]
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