10 août 2006

For sale

46 x 55 cmacrylic on canvas100 €contact
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29 juin 2006

Size matters ;-)

Don't ask me how I finally stumpled upon this info, but I couldn't let you not know about it. Royal De Luxe are back with a show (La Petite Géante et l'Eléphant) ! I certainly won't be able to see it, but if you happen to be in Anvers in July, Calais in September or Le Havre in October, just run to thme because you will see the most amazing show ever. They were in Nimes in 1994 with the Gulliver show (Le Géant tombé du Ciel) and I still remember it very well. How couldn't I ?! Imagine : you're wandering in a city, then you see a... [Lire la suite]
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17 octobre 2005

Sunday afternoon

A couple of weeks ago, my family and I wandered in the city and I decided to "experiment" with our digital camera.Out of a dozen of pics, just those were good enough (i.e. not too blurry) to post. Do you like them ? Beware of the panther ! Urban totem And just for my dad who is a "Solex" addict :
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28 août 2005

barbouillage nocturne

I did it again : I couldn't sleep and had to keep my hands occupied. So, I painted a canvas between midnight and 2 A.M. I called it "Desire". Do you like it ? Note : I don't pretend to know how to paint ; I just can't help my hands ...
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12 août 2005

Strange things in my neighbourhood

I've been walking down this street hundred times, but always in the same direction. A couple of days ago, as I was looking back at my son, I saw some strange little house in the park of this big old house. Paul and I decided that it was a haunted house and that this was a crypt (hence the B&W pic) :
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10 août 2004


It was past midnight and I couldn't sleep.So, I got up and decide to paint. Oops ! Most of my stuffs are in the cellar.No way it's gonna stop me. I found an old canvas, cut a kitchen sponge in pieces, stole my son's acrylic colors. I almost forgot an old make-up brush.Using my hand as a palette, I ended up with that 1 hour later : I called it "Sheherazade's window" (sorry for the blurriness, I begin to feel sleepy). Bonne nuit
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26 avril 2004

Desktop wallpaper

Hello !I made another wallpaper for your desktop.Hubby took the pic : it's a close-up of a tulip that was in my in-laws' garden.version 800 x 600version 1024 x 768
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17 avril 2004


Puisque l'Homme a fait la récente acquisition d'un appareil numérique, je peux m'amuser avec. Voici donc un superbe wallpaper issu du jardin de mes beaux-parents. version 800 x 600version 1200 x 768
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